El Espartano has been in business over 65 years and through its outstanding quality it soon became a leading brand within the synthetic turf market. In 1993, the company launched “Thassos I”, its first synthetic grass, a 7mm thick carpet of  polypropylene raffia. This grass was marketed for both business and residential purposes.

“Thassos I” was used on the first football fields El Espartano installed. Later the company developed “Thassos II” which provided better comfort to customers. This product, made with polypropylene too, had 15mm thickness. For many years these were the only two synthetic grass carpets manufactured by the company.

During 2002 two new products “Thassos 22” and “Thassos 25” were launched. These new synthetic turfs, were installed with a layer of sifted silicon sand. Both products created quite a stir in the market and were the second generation of synthetic grass developed by El Espartano and were widely used in many sport facilities.

Following synthetic grass world trends in sports, in 2005, a 5cm thickness spinning polypropylene product is marketed as “Thassos 50”. A mix of sifted silicon sand and grounded rubber was used when installing the carpet. This less abrasive synthetic carpet was widely welcomed in the market and players benefited with a smoother surface.

In 2007 “Thassos 50 PE” a two colored turf, almost similar to natural grass, was developed. Installation requires a filling of silicon sand and rubber. This product is greatly demanded nowadays due to its beauty and high technical qualities which provide long term usage.

El Espartano today continues to be true to its principles, providing customers the best quality options for sport worldwide through research and development of new and innovative products.

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