Advantages of artificial grass

1. Fast and easy installation

Artificial grass has many advantages over natural grass; it is easily installed and does not require much time to lay either. No seeding, no regular watering or waiting for it to grow.

2. Designed to last

Synthetic grass is made for intensive use and to last much longer than natural grass. Synthetic grass is always ready to use at anytime and in optimum conditions. Synthetic grass can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week something natural grass can not match.

3. Low maintenance cost

Synthetic grass does not require water spraying, weekly mowing, fertilizing, chalking lines. This reduces considerably maintenance costs when compared with natural grass.

4. Impervious to weather

Synthetic grass can stand lack or excess of water. With artificial grass you do not have the usual inconveniences of puddles, mud or bald patches. You do not have to cancel matches or training sessions.

5. Color

Synthetic grass keeps its attractive color throughout the year since climate conditions does not alter it.

6. Ecological

Synthetic grass is environmental friendly as it does not require great quantities of water or fertilizers.

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