Synthetic grass demand for football pitches has grown ten-fold worldwide. Synthetic turf has been widely adopted throughout Europe and has provided new opportunities to play this sport in areas were natural grass is not easy to grow. New yarns and longer fibers are manufactured nowadays providing better surfaces for football matches. TH 50P is a custom made artificial turf product specially developed for mini-football.

This synthetic grass has a 50mm pile and the filling is sand and rubber granules which makes a durable and friendly surface. The TH 50 synthetic grass is manufactured by combining hybrid mono filaments and fibrillated yarns. Mono filaments provide beauty and sturdiness and fibrillate yarn encapsulates the filling and anchors the yarn preventing displacement. System TH 60P was specifically designed for professional football fields. It is a 63mm pile synthetic grass and a mix of sifted silicon dry sand and rubber granules for the filling. The pile height combines resilience with durability thus the pitch surface has a closer resemblance to natural grass. TH 60P synthetic turf is manufactured with polyethylene mono filament.


Thassos 50

Thassos 60

Pile height: 50 mm
Overall height: 52 mm
Yarn: 100% Poliethylene o Monofilament gr/m2
Yarn weight: 1350 gr/m2
Total weight: 2550 gr/m2
Number of knots: 15.000/m2
Roll width: 3.70 m
Gauge: 3/4″
Backing: Synthetic resin
Pile height: 60 mm
Overall height: 62 mm
Yarn: 100% Monofilament
Yarn weight: 1150 o 1400 gr/m2
Total weight: 2300 o 2550 gr/m2
Number of loops: 15.000/m2
Roll width: 3.70 m
Gauge: 3/4″
Backing: Synthetic resin

The football pitch is rectangular and its length is always greater than its width

Length: minimum: 90 m

maximum: 120 m

Width: minimum: 45 m

maximum: 90

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