Rugby is a rough sport thus requires a surface were the players will feel safe and have a good footgrip at all times. TH 50P is a custom made artificial turf product, specially developed to fulfill such needs. This synthetic grass has a 50mm pile and the filling is silicon sand and rubber granules which makes a durable and friendly surface. The TH 50P system is manufactured by combining hybrid mono filaments and fibrillated yarns. Mono filaments provide beauty and sturdiness and the fibrillate yarn encapsulates the filling and anchors the yarn, preventing it from being displaced during play. The shock-absorbing properties of TH 50P system makes it ideal during tackles and scrums.



Thassos 50

Pile height: 50 mm
Overall height: 52 mm
Yarn: 100% Poliethylene o Monofilament
Yarn weight: 1350 gr/m2
Total weight: 2550 gr/m2
Number of knots: 15.000/m2
Roll width: 3.70 m
Gauge: 3/4″
Backing: Sinthetic resin

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