Torre Mulieris, Buenos Aires.

Artificial grass is not any more an exclusive surface for sport facilities. Artificial yarns texture and appearance have evolved in such a way that they are perfectly suitable for other areas such as homes.

Natural grass requires a lot of effort and costly maintenance: sowing, mowing, great amount of water to keep lust lawns. Synthetic grass has easy maintenance, and the appearance of a perfectly maintained lawn in all seasons. These are some of the reasons why many home gardens have installed artificial grass.

Spain Landscape, Spain.

Artificial grass applied to landscapes is today called: “artificial turf 4th generation”. These products can be installed in gardens, flat roofs, around swimming pools, schools and kindergartens play grounds. Thassos 22, Thassos 25 and Thassos 50 P are the products mostly used for these purposes. The filling installed in these areas is a natural color silicon sand, this allows a natural feeling and coloring of the pile.


Thassos 15

Pile height: 15 mm
Overall height: 16 mm
Yarn: 100% P.P.
Yarn weight: 650 gr/m2
Total weight: 1.850 gr/m2
Number of knots: 15.000/m2
Roll width: 3.70 m
Gauge: 3/16″
Backing: Synthetic resin
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