Installing synthetic grass

The following steps must be taken when installing synthetic grass:


Synthetic grass must be installed on an even and solid surface with suficient drop as to ensure correct drainage.

If the appointed area for installation has natural grass or weeds these must be cleared away. To avoid future undergrowth a layer of geo-textile is recomended.

To facilitate drainage and stability a 15 cm. layer of gravel and sand is spread. Then the surface is rolled with a compacter until smooth and even. This is important because any bulge on the ground would show up once the synthetic gras is layed.


The synthetic grass rolls are set and spread one next to the other according to the laying plan.

The yarns or fibres must be facing the same direction, otherwise the sun or any other source of light would make the different color to show up.

Next, two or three last border rows are cut. This must be a straight cut and as close as possible to stich line.


This is an important step and it must be carried out carefully so the sealed seams are not noticeable. Once the rolls are spread care must be taken so there is no overlapping of the borders, a distance of 2 mm should be kept.

Then the borders are bent 30 cm back and the sealing tape is placed under the rolls. Now glue is spread on the tape with the help of a serrated spatula. Finally the borders are sealed with a heavy object or by slowly walking over the turf  with a foot on either side of the seam.


The artificial grass is combed with a non metallic brush and silicon shifted sand (0.3/0.5) is added as infill.

The brushing makes the pile stand up. The silicon sand holds the fibres upright so the pile is not crushed when stepped on. Lifespan is thus increased. Sand also helps to retain humidity making the pitch fresh during the summer.


Because of ground conditions or clients needs, the above steps can vary. El Espartano recommends the visit of a specialist to evaluate the grounds and installation of artificial grass.

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