Regular maintenance of artificial grass Atificial grass maintenance comprises a few simple measures to ensure maximum results.

Sport pitches

Four basic steps for upkeeping pitches installed by El Espartano:

1) Brushing: this ensures that areas, where the pile has been flatten, recover a natural upright state. The upper layer of the infill can be brushed back into place in areas where it has shifted.
2) Airing: it de-compacts the sand and rubber filling.
3) Sweeping: Ensures a clean pitch and that debris does not filter into the infill.
4) Barrido: Asegura que no se ensucie el césped con materiales que contaminen el relleno.
5) Inspection of lines and seams: if for any reason a seam is loose El Espartano must be notified for immediate repair.
6) Adding infill: in the long run grounded rubber can be added to the infill in areas of intensivel use.

The following must be banned on artificial grass pitches:

1) Smoking.
2) Chewing gum.
3) Spike training shoes.
4) Bicycle, skates, rollers or any other similar.
5) Flares, fire torches.
6) And any other use not related to the sport.

Leisure areas

A leaf blower is the best option to remove organic debris from an artificial lawn however if there are heavier objects then a rake can be used.

A brush can help to level out areas used more intensively.
Water can be sprayed to clean any sticky spills and thus avoid dirt and insects.

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